Parmeshwar Godrej – The iconic socialite and philanthropist

November 7, 2016 - All
Parmeshwar Godrej – The iconic socialite and philanthropist

Parmeshwar Godrej whose vividness as an iconic socialite and philanthropist was a constant delightto the hearts of everyone around her, wife of an Indian industrialist and the chairman of the Godrej Group Adi Godrej, died to a degenerative lung diseaseon the 10th Oct, 2016 at Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai. She was 70 years old.


She was bold, valiant and a stylish woman. Being a star socialite and a part of the Godrej Clan, she spent a significant amount of time working towards an important initiative for AIDS awareness through the Heroes Project, an initiative she launched in 2004 with Hollywood actor Richard Gere and with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.


Besides her philanthropic work she also started a production house along with her director friend Shekhar Kapoor called Starlight. Apart from being a great philanthropist and a businesswoman she had also designed the look of Hema Malini in the movie  Dharmatma, who was the lead actress. She was good friends with the actor Feroz Khan, the maker of the film. Upon his request, Mrs. Godrej designed the look for Hema Malini.



Some lesser known facts she belonged to a Sikh family and before she married business tycoon Adi Godrej, Parmeshwar Godrej was one of Air India’s first air hostesses. She has two daughters Nisa Godrej and Tanya Dubash and a son Pirojsha Godrej. Parmeshwar Godrej was an icon for all the woman of INDIA, from a celebrity wife to an interior designer and a doting mother, she had a multifaceted personality as wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman, philonthropist and a style icon she had an unprecented charm and engrossed everyone whose life she touched.

She was the mind behind many of the group’s new businesses, including the up-market retail chain Godrej Nature’s Basket. She selected the group’s brand ambassadors and her involvement and passion in brand building was enormous. Adi Godrej once said in an interview that “Style was embedded in her DNA and it reflects in every aspects of her personality”. As a young businesswoman, she took on multinationals and created aspirational brands for the group; she revamped the Cinthol brand, among others.


She was not only indulged to the glamour world, she had friends from diverse fields. In a recent book, Nobel laureate Amartya Sen had spoken richly about her, calling Parmeshwar Godrej a “brilliant conversationalist” and “wonderful company”. She was also known for being the perfect party host as she’d light up every party with style, aura and her outstanding reception.



Parmeshwar Godrej will always be remembered as a noted socialite for her immense contribution to the society. We are saddened by her passing and our deepest condolence to Mr. Adi Godrej and her family.




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