Up In The Air with Ranveer Singh

December 27, 2015 - Winner Stories
Up In The Air with Ranveer Singh

Recently, Mr. Naresh Arora saw one of his biggest dreams come true when he got a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly with one of the most enthusiastic and dapper young heroes of the Bollywood Film Industry. Yes, we are talking about none other than Ranveer Singh.


Let’s hear what Mr. Naresh Arora has to say about his experience with and Ranveer Singh.

How was your in-flight experience?

It was my first ever flight journey. So, it was natural to be nervous. However, I soon found out that all my fears were unjustified. It turned out to be an amazing flight journey. All thanks to who made it memorable for me by making me fly with Ranveer Singh.

Tell us about your experience with Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh is a rock star. As a famous actor, I had expected him to be a little arrogant. I mean, arrogance usually comes along with success and money. However, Ranveer Singh was nothing like it. He was super cool, humble and extremely down to earth. His energy level was infectious. He was a live wire, enthusiastic and charming, and all for real. I was extremely delighted to meet him.

We had some very interesting discussions, on various things. I was astonished to learn that he had struggled a lot to become an actor. As a common man, we assume that actors get fame and money easily, but it is not always so.

He not only talked to me nicely, but he did something extraordinary for my family members as well. He recorded a video of both of us, where we addressed all my family members individually and wished them a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Not only this, he even addressed my grandchild by his name. I will show him the video when he grows up. He would be really happy to see such a big star addressing him.

The link to the awesome video where Ranveer Singh is addressing Naresh Arora’s grandchild and all other family members.

Would you like to send any message to Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh is truly a great star. The entire experience with him was so marvelous, I am running out of words to explain my feelings. My best wishes to him and his movie ‘Bajirao Mastani. I hope with all my heart that it turns out to be a great success.

(Amen! We hope so too!)


Would you like to say something about

I thank the entire team of for making my long time dream of meeting a big Bollywood celebrity come true. I am so impressed and happy with the team’s efforts that I feel obliged to take up marketing and promotion of Fly With VIP on my Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. I will also encourage my friends and family to participate in the contests, which also support a good cause.



Not only this, I would keep participating in all the upcoming contests with, as I would love to fly again with another celebrity. A big THANK YOU to you all.

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