Beautiful memories with Asin :)

September 11, 2015 - All, Winner Stories
Beautiful memories with Asin :)

An interesting excerpt from the interview with Nikunj Dholiya, the Winner of Fly With VIP contest who flew with celebrity, Asin.

1. When you heard about Fly With VIP campaign for flying with Asin, what was your reaction at that time?

I was nervous when I heard of this campaign and the opportunity to be able to fly with Asin. A lot many things surfaced in my mind, however, the questions that troubled me the most were –


2. What was your expectation from this campaign? And also, what did you feel about the company?

Firstly, I thought it was a fraud company. Then I decided to check the website to find out the authenticity of the company. It matters who is promoting the company as cybercrime has increased tremendously nowadays.

However, I soon found out that it definitely seemed a genuine company with several lucky winners before me having flown with their dream celebrities. Though, I was nervous about transacting online, I still went ahead and registered myself.

When I got the call that I would be flying with Asin, I was nervous. I texted my friend that I was going to Delhi and would be flying with Asin. But, at the back of my mind, I was forever hoping that I shouldn’t get cheated. It was only when I started reaching towards the flight, that I started gaining confidence in the company.


3. Did you already know about Fly With VIP or did you come to know after our advertisements?

I follow Abhishek Bachchan on Twitter. A while ago, he had tweeted about Fly With VIP. So I decided to check the website. I then registered and donated the amount to a good cause. Seriously speaking, I didn’t have any hopes of winning the campaign, however, I still donated because it was for a noble cause. I followed all the steps given on the website and left the remaining on luck.


4. What was your in-flight experience? You spent around half an hour on the flight?

I got to spend more than half an hour with Asin on the journey. I had already searched on Asin and gathered a lot of information on her. I prepared a set of questions that I could ask her. I was very particular to not ask her any personal or controversial question.

It was an overwhelming experience, as she talked a little about her personal and professional life. She asked me about my family and background. She even asked me how I got married and why did I marry so early in life. She was interested to know about my kids as well. She not only inquired after my kids, but also asked me to show the picture of my baby girl. She was quite delighted to see my baby girl and found her cute.

She asked me who was my favourite hero. When I replied that I was a big fan of Akshay Kumar, she said that Akshay was a nice person and also a family friend of her fiancé, Rahul Sharma. She was interested in knowing about my city, Ahmedabad and the famous places to visit in Ahmedabad.

She told me that she was looking forward to visiting Ahmedabad in a few days time for her film’s promotion. She inquired about Gordhan Thal, a restaurant famous for its Gujarati thali. I explained to her about the thali and the whole experience of eating there. She was impressed and said she would certainly try the food there.


5. Was this your dream flight?

Yes, it certainly was. But, I was informed about the flight only in the morning. I had to manage my work, hence, it was quite a rush to catch the flight. But, I managed.

Also, when I met Asin, she acknowledged me by my name. I was pleasantly surprised, as I had never met her before. Then she revealed my profile had already been shared with her by the Fly With VIP team.

My only grievance was, Asin did not let me click many pictures of her or with her. Even when I managed some, she was smart enough to delete all of them, save one, from my iPhone; she didn’t even spare the pictures in the history and deleted the entire history of 30 days.

When I asked her if she would recognize me if I happened to meet her again in the future. She said she surely would, as she had enjoyed the conversation with me.


6. Do you think Asin would actually meet you again?

Yes, she will meet me.

Asin winner

7. What was your family’s reaction when they got to know you were flying with Asin?

I told my wife about the flight on Sunday itself when I got intimation of being shortlisted. She immediately asked me why I chose to fly with an actress. I told her jokingly, that I was a male and hence chose a female celebrity. But, I could see she was happy for me. She even told me that it was a rare opportunity to get a chance of flying with a big celebrity. She wished me luck for my journey.

On the other hand, my parents are old, and don’t know much about Asin. But they still wished me luck. When my friends came to know about it, they all started commenting on my Facebook page.


8. How do you feel being the friend of a celebrity – is it a very special feeling?

I am happy that Asin knows me. She has also given me her address. She even said she would remember and meet me. It’s a great feeling for me to know that she knows and remembers me.


9. So…did you fly because it was only Asin or you would have flown with others as well?

I love meeting celebrities. I would have registered myself for the Fly With VIP campaign had it been any celebrity other than Asin.


10. Did you encounter any problem while registering online on the Fly With VIP website?

A little, but it got solved immediately. Firstly, I registered and tried making the payment, but I was not able to. That’s when I got a call from Trishla explaining the correct procedure to make the payment. I tried again and could finally make the payment. After getting shortlisted, Samson got in touch with me and helped me fulfill the required procedure. There was an urgent requirement at the last minute, but Samson guided me through it. And lastly, Neema coordinated with me till I reached the flight. Basically, it was a smooth experience.


11. Do you have any suggestions or feedback for us?

I think this is a very nice concept and initiative. As for the team, it was awesome to interact with Trishla, Samson and Neema as they all helped me at various stages and till the end. It was only because of this supportive team that I could fly with Asin.


12. Do you want to say something about Fly With VIP?

Please advertise more in social media via Facebook and Twitter so that more and more people come to know about the company and the beautiful opportunity they could get to fly with celebrities.

At my end, I am going to tell my friends and urge them to participate in the Fly With VIP campaigns. I will also promote this wonderful journey of mine with Asin on my Facebook wall, so that more people learn about it.

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