Yash Birla

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Yash Birla

Yashovardhan (aka Yash) Birla, Chairman of Yash Birla Group, seldom needs any introduction. He has always been in the limelight and news for several reasons. People know him for his flamboyant personality, unique fashion sense and impressive physique. However, very few know about the tough battles he has won in his personal life. Yash took reins of Birla Empire at the tender age of 23, on account of death of his parents and sister in a plane crash in 1990. Leaving his college in North Carolina, Yash was asked to take charge of the legacy, which was till then managed by his uncle Aditya Birla. That is how the journey began for the Birla scion.

Yash holds Masters in Commerce and a degree in Law, which equipped him to take on the responsibilities at an early age. Since then he has shaped and diversified the Yash Birla Group of Companies. He consistently works as per the company motto Move Ahead. Stay Ahead. Innovation and Technology are the strong pillars that lend sustainability to the Birla group. Yash Birla has been successful in inculcating the sense of integrity in his team members. Today, Birla group is known for high class Engineering, Steel, chemical, Cement, Telecom, It, BPO and for services in many other sectors. Birla Group today has a turnover of Rs. 30 billion and is a global conglomerate.

This cool business tycoon is extremely spiritual and considers his wife Avanti, his children (Vedant, Nirvan and Shloka), and the Divine Power as his strength that keeps him going. He believes in giving back to the society and contributes towards various welfare and development programs.

Yash Birla

Yash Birla

Birla Industries Group Charity Trust (BIGCT) is an apex body that carries out various charity and welfare programs. Sunanda Birla International School was established in 2013 in Walkeshwar, Mumbai, with a vision to promote education in society. A few of them are listed below:

While the Birla Group continues to make a mark in the industry, Yash ensures that the CSR activities are not far behind.

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