Meeting Madhavan, A Dream Come True

June 19, 2015 - All, Winner Stories
Meeting Madhavan, A Dream Come True

How a common mans half-hour flight with Superstar R. Madhavan turned into a beautiful friendship!

It was a dream come true for this Bollywood fan from Haryana when he read about the FlywithVIP campaign in the newspaper. He couldn’t believe his eyes that such a contest could be possible, where the meeting with a celebrity was more than ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’. He lost no time and immediately entered the contest. What he didn’t know at that time that the Lady Luck was quite pleased with him! He was shortlisted and finally received a call that he would be flying with none other than R. Madhavan.

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Fly with VIP interviewed an extremely excited Om Prakash Sharma about his experience of flying with R. Madhavan. Here’s an excerpt:

Q1: Did you already know about Fly with VIP or did you come to know after our advertisements?

Om Sharma: I was not aware of Fly with VIP or its campaign. I got to know about it only through the local newspaper ‘Amar Ujala’.


Q2: When you heard about the Fly with VIP campaign Flying with R Madhavan, what was your reaction at that time?

Om Sharma: Initially, when I read the advertisements in the newspaper, I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, I thought it was just another publicity campaign. But, later, when I went through Fly with VIP’s website, that was when I realized that this was serious business. When I read on the website that such a flight had already taken place and someone had flown with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan before, I developed confidence in the campaign.


Q3: How did you feel when you came to know that you would be flying with Madhavan?

Om Sharma: When I participated in the contest, I wasn’t so confident of winning. However, I was very excited to know that my name was shortlisted for the flight. But, when I got a call from Fly with VIP in the evening saying that I was the winner, I couldn’t believe my luck. I was in the seventh heaven.


Q4: What was your familys reaction when they got to know you are flying with Madhavan?

Om Sharma: (He laughs). When I conveyed this to my family members, they thought I was pulling their leg. They said that if I wanted to travel, I didn’t have to cook stories (read, lie) for it. It was only when I persisted with my news that they finally realized that I was actually going to fly with Madhavan. Then, they were very happy and excited for me.


Q5: What was your expectation from the campaign?

Om Sharma: The campaign promised a flight duration of half an hour with Madhavan, which frankly speaking, was beyond my expectations.


Q6: How was your inflight experience?

Om Sharma: I spent around 30 minutes with Madhavan, all alone. It was awesome. It was my dream come true.

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Q7: Were you excited, nervous or scared when you arrived with your flight with Madhavan?

Om Sharma: I was so excited and nervous to meet the celebrity that I wrongly booked my flight tickets for 16th June instead of 16th May. Then, on the day itself, I got a little late for the flight and feared missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, when I reached there and met the Fly with VIP CEO Mr. Gautam Chhabria, all my fears were put to rest.


Q8: How was your overall experience flying with Fly with VIP?

Om Sharma: When I finally met Madhavan, I realized why everyone lovingly calls him ‘Maddy’. Madhavan is a very friendly and down to earth person. He initiated the conversation with casual questions like ‘what I do?’, ‘how did I travel to reach for the flight’, etc. that immediately put me at ease. And within no time we were talking like long lost friends.

We spoke about various things, including films and politics. He shared his personal life and his journey in the film industry. He was very happy and even thanked me for my effort to meet him. This goes to prove what a genuine human being Madhavan is. He even asked me for my mobile number and we exchanged numbers. Lastly, he started taking selfies with me. I had to pinch myself to find out if it wasn’t all a dream. That was one of the best moments in my lifetime; just imagine a superstar like Madhavan taking selfies with an average person like me.

However, I still have one regret, that I was not able to take a selfie of all three of us i.e. Madhavan’s, Gautam’s and myself. We were all busy in our conversations, and somehow the right moment never came.


Q9: Any special moment during the flight that you recall?

Om Sharma: Yes, there is one that I would particularly like to mention here. I was carrying a gift which I had wanted to gift Madhavan, but could not do so in the flight. I was advised by Gautam to give it to Madhavan once we landed. When we landed, Madhavan was waiting for me and called me by my name. He graciously accepted my gift and clicked a picture. If it had been any other celebrity, he or she would have walked out without a moment’s thought, but Madhavan was waiting for a normal fan like me. That was one of my most memorable and cherishing moments of the entire journey. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this.

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Q 10: How did you feel when you met Madhavan?

Om Sharma: I was super excited to meet Madhavan. However, I was also confused as to how I will meet him, what I will talk to him, etc. But, after meeting Madhavan, all my nervousness vanished. Madhavan made me feel very comfortable. Not only did we talk, but we also became good friends. Madhavan has promised to try meeting me whenever he would visit Haryana. Also, he has asked me to give him a call whenever I visit Mumbai. If possible, he would certainly meet me.


Q 11: So how do you feel being the friend of a celebrity? Do you feel special?

Om Sharma: Of course, I do. It feels awesome being a friend of a celebrity and is a great feeling that a big celebrity like Madhavan knows me by my name. I am still in touch with Madhavan and even wished him on his birthday. And, the best part is that he even answers to my calls and replies to my messages.


Q 12: So did you fly because it was Madhavan or would you fly with others as well?

Om Sharma: Of course, if I get a chance, I would love to fly with other celebrities too.


Q 13: Do you have any suggestions or feedback for us?

Om Sharma: Overall, it was a fantastic campaign. However, the only suggestion I have is that sometimes the winners hail from far flung parts of India and therefore, are not well versed with Mumbai. For them, travelling to and from Mumbai is very difficult and expensive. It would be a great gesture if Fly with VIP can provide air tickets to the winners instead of the travel allowance of Rs. 4000 that they give.


Q 14: Were your expectations with the Fly with VIP flying with Madhavancampaign met?

Om Sharma: Oh yes, the flight was much more than I had expected. I would like to thank the entire team of Flywithvip and especially Gautam for making this a dream flight for me. I will always cherish this beautiful experience of my life.

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In the picture: Fly With VIP C.E.O. Gautam Chhabria with R. Madhavan.

This was Om Prakash Mehra talking. But just imagine, this could be you. Now, you can experience the joy of flying with your favourite celebrity by bidding for a seat next to him or by donating Rs.100 or multiples of Rs.100 in the contest.

Visit Fly With VIP to make your dreams come true!

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